small wedding celebration | Fairhope, AL

I consider myself a lucky photographer when I'm invited to share a special moment documenting the celebration of marriage for a family. We met on a sticky fall Saturday morning at Knoll Park in Fairhope, AL to visually preserve a sliver of time for the new Perret family. They drove from 2 states over for their session. Fairhope had become a "happy" place for them and they wanted the same for their photo session- photos with a relaxed, casual and happy feel (but all dressed up, mind you!) They laughed, played and embraced the beach sand. We all worked up a sweat, but kept the best wedding pictures ever game plan in mind. It's not everyday that you play on swings and ride the dizzy machine in your dressy clothes. They were fun, open to documenting themselves in a casual way and keeping it real.  I know I'll always remember this session. Congrats to the Perret family!

the cruise ship balcony

This summer, we embarked on a special family vacation spending days on a cruise ship sailing the scenic Mediterranean Sea.  We were excited to travel in a new way.  Keeping my camera always close by, I quickly learned that one of my cruise highlights was peeking through my stateroom curtains in the early morning or evening  light just to look and see if their was anything photo worthy. I quickly learned that my cruise ship balcony vantage point was amazing. I'd never have these photos if we'd traveled  by land. The water, clouds, sun and land entertained and mesmerized me so easily.  A journey to never forget.