Jackson Hole Details

One of my favorite photography things to do while traveling, is studying and watching for the yummy light. I always challenge my eyes and mind to study the details. I constantly take in my surroundings and challenge myself photographically. Being with family in Jackson Hole, WY at the end of summer, was a great time to relax, but also to casually photograph for myself. It's an interesting perspective when you let go and photograph with no real expectations. Now that we are settled back into a school routine in Fairhope, I love going through my personal work and seeing what I captured. These are some of my standout detail images from our end-of-summer-last-hurrah trip. 

dinner plans

Every year, I plant a simple yard garden with my kids. They've grown a strong appreciation for home grown and delicious flavors with a variety of fruits and vegetables. This year's cherry tomatoes and mixed peppers are starting to display a strong harvest. I've had to spend some time tying up the long arching branches- coaching them in a safe direction to grow. It's starting to look like we will soon be planning our summer dinners around what's ready to be picked in the garden. A favorite family tradition.