the close of our semester in Nice, France

Our family and another family from Fairhope, spent the last school semester living in Nice, France. You can read about our journey here. Our time there, enriched us, broadened our horizons, opened our eyes wider, strengthened our communication skills, tested our family dynamics (for the better) and prepared our students for the bigger world. Home now, we are left with a soft spot on our hearts for the beautiful Côte d'Azur. Also, I don't think we have missed a day mentioning the fabulous French food and daily trips to the market and noting how our taste buds have adjusted and it leaves us longing for more.

I took this series of photographs on my last day there. It actually was a walk to the communal garbage room. Visual snapshots of the walk we took almost daily that instead of a camera in my hands, I was always carrying garbage and recyclables. Each time we routinely went there, I was noting the French words and vintage charms of the alleys we walked. So for the last walk there, I took my camera and noted the scenes. And so often, if we walked the 6 floors down, we were intentional with our time outside and would make a short journey down to the Promenade des Anglais. On our last evening in Nice, France there was a full moon. The sky lit up like cotton candy  and the bright moon shone- highlighting a place that will forever be a life marker for our families. We are grateful.