dinner plans

Every year, I plant a simple yard garden with my kids. They've grown a strong appreciation for home grown and delicious flavors with a variety of fruits and vegetables. This year's cherry tomatoes and mixed peppers are starting to display a strong harvest. I've had to spend some time tying up the long arching branches- coaching them in a safe direction to grow. It's starting to look like we will soon be planning our summer dinners around what's ready to be picked in the garden. A favorite family tradition.   

nursery therapy

Today was a day that I needed to run to one of my favorite local plant nursery and smell the dirt, see the green and be tempted by the "summer is coming" colors. It's always a therapautic outing. I'm enamored by the tried and true plants, tempted by the things that are new to me and totally satisfied to look and not buy. But honestly, I really needed some healing time with my camera to enjoy and capture the time of year that I'm fond of. Not too long ago, I was gifted a box of old film cameras and vintage lenses. They've been a box for months now under my bed.  But recently I remembered a blog entry on the Clickin Moms Forum that was written right before I received my box. The two finally met in my mind and I dug into the box. I started with a solid Olympus 50 1.8 one day last week. I freelensed with it. Freelensing is a technique to take photos with a lens unattached. The results are interesting. But after that personal session,  I wanted more from the lens. I loved its haze and colors. So that led me to a $10. adapter investment. So now I can mount the lens to my camera and shoot it using manual focus. That's how I used the lens today. The old vintage film camera lens- mounted to my digital camera. The results of my trip to the nursery. 

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