Cinque Terre Trail Photos- by Anne Lois

story and photos by Anne Lois

One of my favorite things that we have done on this trip is definitely hiking in Vernazza, Italy. When I get back home, it will be one of my favorite memories looking back on this amazing trip.  I absolutely loved seeing the green, blue, and orange colors as we ventured down the first part of the memorable hike.  Every once in awhile, we would pop around a corner hidden by trees and be shown an amazing view.  Cacti lined the edge of the steep rocky cliffs that led down to the blue water. As far as we could see there were endless grape vineyards and clumps of multi-color houses lining the ridges.  It was truly amazing to have the opportunity to see the clear blue waters and feel the cool crisp air.  From the first hike from village to village we stopped on the trail for ice cold granitas, lemonades, and fresh squeezed blood oranges. I really think that there was no better way to spend a day.