church and Villefranche-sur-Mer

Going to church last Sunday at Holy Trinity Nice (English Anglican) far exceeded our plans for the day. Different from worship at home but unified by beliefs, we enjoyed a service of hymns, sung verses, spoken verses and communion. Truly enjoyed by all of us, we were warmly welcomed and invited to a fellowship time at the "hall" after the service. There were many interesting people and life stories that I'm confident we only scraped the surface. They were equally interested in us. Two American moms showing up one Sunday in February with 5 kids. Hard to blend. We loved our time there and plan to return this coming Sunday and attend a special after church luncheon. 

From the church hall we walked to the train station, bought tickets and took a short 5 minute ride along the coast to Villefranche-sur-Mer. A charming town that Elizabeth and Camille called home for a few weeks in 2014. They were excited to return and show us around town. I have now laid my eyes on their wifi bench. Slowing our pace, we casually strolled the town stopping at a few Sunday antique sidewalk vendors, ate a late lunch by the water, then toured to the boat port. A very satisfying Sunday and a great breather before digging into a new week.