Thanksgiving 2017


Thanksgiving 2017

family time at the bay house 

The days of Thanksgiving week are a blur.  I intentionally worked to savor every moment of every day. Surrounded by family on the day, we conquered and devoured a meal for 25- two turkeys, people! It was a team of workers and servers acting on family love. I am blessed. We are blessed.

I know that every time I picked my camera up, it was to capture the "feels" of the time we all spent together.  I needed to slow it down. This documentary is a way to rewind and watch it happen all over again. Enjoy! I love my big family. 

kitchen light | family documentary

I promise I was coming up the stairs as a quiet houseguest emerging into the early morning light without a camera just to immerse myself in new baby and well rested niece land. We had traveled by plane- landing after their bedtime the night before. It was our first glimpse of their faces in a long time.  As soon as I rounded the stairway corner, I saw the incredible sunlight pouring in and couldn't resit. It's alway that photographer fear of, "what I don't get this chance again?". Mmm- go get the camera. Be engaged, but savor the incredible light pouring in, I kept telling myself. It didn't last long, but I love what came of it.