Thanksgiving 2017


Thanksgiving 2017

family time at the bay house 

The days of Thanksgiving week are a blur.  I intentionally worked to savor every moment of every day. Surrounded by family on the day, we conquered and devoured a meal for 25- two turkeys, people! It was a team of workers and servers acting on family love. I am blessed. We are blessed.

I know that every time I picked my camera up, it was to capture the "feels" of the time we all spent together.  I needed to slow it down. This documentary is a way to rewind and watch it happen all over again. Enjoy! I love my big family. 

Santorini, Greece | Travel Documentary

The first day off the ship.  A tender day to the perched up high town of Santorini. We were bright eyed and eager to explore a Greek island and we were not the only ones. This sweet, white washed photogenic island was clobbered by several cruise ships on the same day. We wanted to separate from the crowd and beelined to another village on the island, Oia,  My photos are definitely a nice taste of what our day was like. But, I laugh at what it doesn't show. Honestly, I don't have the images. Instead, they're perfectly captured in my head. Maybe that's a better place, but ohhhh, I so want to remember....

  • the long line waiting for the cable cars up to Santorini
  • watching the donkeys ascend the donkey trail nearby, but we were cautioned not to ride them
  • following in a family hustle line to find the town's bus station. We found it and it was crowded and nothing fancy
  • squished (really squished) onto a bus to take us over to Oia. 
  • riding the coast line on the squished bus standing up looking out and joking about our "house hunting" prospects
  • making it to Oia and running to find a lunch spot. It was a delicious mediterranean meal that we all shared dishes
  • all the cats on the island- girls wanted to love and pet them all
  • witnessing an angry islander man verbalize his displeasure to a tour guide bringing a massive group of tourists to his front doorway. We got caught in the middle and found his front door on our own. I sorta get his point 
  • rushing back on a bus to start our downhill journey
  • realizing it was going to take too long to stand in the cable car line and maybe miss the last tender (we were not late- too many people needing to get down at the same time)
  • our solution- walk the donkey trail down. gulp! sandals were not made for that walk. the donkeys made us nervous and we dodged donkey doo. I did everything in my power not to slip and fall and that meant my camera didn't come out of it's bag crossed on me
  • we made it. Intact and on time